Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Homework: 22/ 1/ 2013 Tuesday

Integrated Humanities 

( Geography )

Create your EDMODO account. The Group code is me6bf4.

( Social Studies )

Try to get the sec 4 S.S Text book. 

Do corrections for diagnostic test. Those below 6 marks to redo the test.

SS Refer to Pg. 87 - 91  - Do Page 4 of SS Ws. 


- Find evidences for 3 Yes or No Points for tomorrow.

- Write the No point into a paragraph in your shared google doc.

Mother Tongue 

- Normal Chinese -

Submit Funpack HW   ( Email :  wong_ho_yan@sst.edu.sg )

- Higher Chinese - 

Submit Funpack HW 


- Pg 74 by tomorrow 

- A01E, A01D (By Friday)



-  *Posted on FB Group* - Credit to Gladys


  - Worksheet 2: Experimental Techniques

  - Section B: Question 1 and 2
  - Section C: Question 2


BioTech - From Mr HK   " Hi 304 BioTech ppl, please file your biotech stuff into the Blue Ring File (the one with the SST logo) and bring to school. If I do not need to collect it, put it in your lockers first. Thankss :D

Your biotech worksheets should include everything EXCEPT the lab manual." 


Blue Folder for CE stuff. 

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